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This is book, The Maqtal of Imam al-Husayn ('alayhi assalam) is a moment to moment recount of Imam al-Husayn ('alayhi assalam), as compiled and narrated by the sincere servant of the Ahl al-Bayt ('alayhim assalam), the late Shaykh Abd al-Zahra al-Ka'bi. It is considered to be the most prevalent recitation of the events of the tenth of Muharram, as almost all of the lecturers in the Arab-speaking centres around the world rely on this text and recite it verbatim, including the holy shrine of Imam al-Husayn ('alayhi assalam). Presented here for the first time in a fluid and easy to read English translation by Shaykh Dr. Usama Al-Atar, along with full Arabic text of all of the statements which Imam al-Husayn ('alayhi assalam) spoke on the Day of 'Ashura.

The Maqtal of Imam Al-Husayn ('alayhi assalam)

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